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TamaTask a Todo-list & time tracker in o ...

TamaTask a Todo-list & time tracker in one

Oct 11, 2021

The problem

While doing a lot of freelance Webdevelopment work for multiple clients I have a hard time keeping track of the hours I make for a client. To make this a bit easier for me (and others) I've started creating a todo-list and time tracker in one.

The solution

With TamaTask you'll be able to estimate the time needed per task and keep track of the real time it took to finish the task. You'll be able to see how much time you spend on each project per week, day and month.


Being productive is fun but managing a todo-list isn't. To make being productive more fun I added a pet that you can feed by completing tasks.

The Tama-pet will get angry if you continue to delay certain tasks or if you let many tasks get overdue. It could eventually even die!

TamaTask is currently still in development

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