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Understanding Words

Understanding Words

Jul 17, 2023

People don't always understand the way I talk, and that's ok, my words don't fall on everyone's ears the way they tumble off my lips. To you, my words trip and stumble over each other like a bad car wreck, piling up debris. But to me, they flow through the nooks and crannies of the alphabet, creating something that was meant only for those who can follow into the depths of my mind.

My words have rarely made sense to those not willing to see past their flaws. Rhymes that seem out of place, cadences stuck in limbo, pauses and breaks that lack sense unless they are spoken aloud. Putting words into tight constraints of normality is tougher than you think when your words are more than letters linked.

Manifesting thought after thought, creating new paths, carving out the way like waves gently lapping on a bank. The world would strip away their sparkle and shine, turning them into something mundane just for a bit of understanding. But the words I craft so openly and without holding back aren't mundane. They weave and wove, to and fro, making baskets of thought to carry you home.

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