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Turning Bot

Turning Bot

May 30, 2023

What if I turned bot? Let AI write the words. Let it mimic the rhythm and rhyme of my mind. Sure, it will lack all the emotions of my words, but would anyone even notice? No longer me, faded and blended into the binary of ones and zeros. Words are easy to manipulate when they are nothing but code. If the words that flow out of me like water simply shut off, replaced with bottled, plastic words, would they still taste the same to everyone else? Once a monster, I learned to move through this world as human. Changed into more than I was. But now I feel the time has come to change again. Not into something better than the me that is me now, but the version the world sees. Print off a new me, one without wrinkles, scars, or depth, just what the world wants me to be. Package me up, sell me off, let everyone have a copy of me on their shelf. Just another doll for them to keep, unchanging, while the real me fades away into darkness once again.

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