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Pocket Dimension

Pocket Dimension

Mar 09, 2023

Let's create a pocket dimension,

one for just you and me.

A special place in our minds,

a place only we can see.


You bring the movies,

I got the snacks.

Don't forget about blankets,

I'll definitely want to nap.


Time to start a fire,

as it's starting to rain.

Don't think about tomorrow,

it will only bring pain.


Instead, let's laugh

and toss each other popcorn.

Talking all night,

until our voices are worn.


I'll read you a story,

deep into our night.

We'll hide under the covers

when we start to see sunlight.


Rolling back time,

we never have to leave

our pocket dimension in our mind,

this place is just for you and me.


Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

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