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Multidimensional Me

Multidimensional Me

Apr 25, 2023

No one wants a multidimensional me. Not really. They like the little slice they see best and don't care about the rest. I spend my time with so many people just to feel well-rounded because no one wants it all.

I suppose it's my own fault. I always slip into whatever role is asked of me. I never really mind, never say no. One press on the gas and I say go. But once the destination is reached, they lock me back away.

If I show other interests, other moods, other thoughts, I'm quickly left in the dark, never to be dusted off again. Or perhaps worse, I'm laughed at and told to stop playing pretend. No one wants to know how deep my thoughts run.

I'm tired of not being seen as more than some one dimensional doll. I have so many thoughts, feelings, moods, and interests. All wanting to make a grand entrance. I just want someone to see multidimensional me.

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