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Rain? That's nice

Rain? That's nice

Jun 12, 2024

It sounds a bit facetious, but its sincere. We have only had smatterings of rain here or there for weeks and temperatures have been a bit higher than normal. It's not a heat wave that's going to melt everything, it’s just that we haven't been getting our normal afternoon rain and its made the heat much more noticeable.

Heat, yes, growing up in the south and spending about half my adult life in the desert means I'm used to different types of heat, but both are uncomfortable. This spring has been a kick in the teeth of sorts because the air is thick at times with some moisture, but no breezes blow and no rain falls. It's just heavy hot air, (insert joke about ex, boss, or whomever here) - that’s an invitation, not an editing note.

The past day or so, we finally got a break in the pattern and it was supposed to be all week, but guess what, yep, it was a brilliant ploy to get us to let our guard down. Hey, at least it was a good soaking rain and washed some of the dust and pollen away that was hanging around causing allergy sufferers fits. I'm in a different category, though, A major change in the weather like it did caused a sinus headache. I'm a big boy, and I'll be alright, but it did take away from me getting to enjoy the change a bit.

Still, I knew summers would be fun when I moved here and I have no complaints. That's not saying there won't be any if the mosquitos start thinking the rain was their cue to come out and add to the confusion. For now, though, I'll enjoy the respite, and the clean smell of the air for a bit and then get right back to work. Things were a lot simpler when we were kids, weren't they?

In any case, I have my care back from the shop, I've adjusted my schedule a bit for videos, streaming and other such sundry items, and life is good. Now I just have to figure out what I want for dinner. You guys take care of yourselves out there, and maybe go play in the rain for a few minutes.

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