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"From Tanya with Love" Playlist is now a ...

"From Tanya with Love" Playlist is now available on my BuyMeACoffee

Aug 15, 2023

🔔 Exciting News! The "From Tanya with Love" Playlist" is now available on my BuyMeACoffee page! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tanya.neyman/e/159166

Delve into the heart of Russian life during the war in Ukraine with this captivating playlist. Gain unique insights and perspectives that go beyond the headlines, shedding light on lesser-known aspects that contribute to the rich tapestry of Russia and its people.

But that's not all! The first 5 people to get this playlist will receive a special bonus – one of the first "Everyday Life in Moscow" recordings from the beginning of the war.

And for all my Gold-members, there's an extra treat today! You'll receive my first essay, a diary of my thoughts on living in Russia during the war.

In these recorded Heygo sessions, I explore human nature, different mentalities, and social psychology, all while avoiding judgment and focusing on understanding. These talks began amidst the war, and the playlist includes the very first session.

Embark on this enlightening adventure and broaden your horizons with "From Tanya with Love." Get your access today on my BuyMeACoffee page! ✨

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