Behind the Scenes of a One Woman Poetry ...

Behind the Scenes of a One Woman Poetry Press: Weary Yet Inspired

Jun 26, 2023

Welcome to the enchanting world of my one woman poetry press, where dreams take shape, words come alive, and the indomitable spirit of creativity prevails. Behind the scenes, the journey of running a poetry press as a solitary individual can be a demanding one, filled with countless tasks, sleepless nights, and endless to-do lists. However, amidst the weariness and challenges, there are moments of sheer magic that make it all worth it. In this behind-the-scenes article, I invite you to witness the rollercoaster ride that is a one woman poetry press, exploring the highs, lows, and the extraordinary moments that make the journey so deeply rewarding.

The Weariness of the Journey

As the sole force behind a poetry press, exhaustion often becomes a familiar companion. From managing submissions, editing manuscripts, designing book covers, formatting layouts, navigating the intricacies of printing, and coordinating distribution logistics, the toil is relentless. The weight of wearing multiple hats and the pressure to bring poetry into the world can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Holding the Proof Copy: A Moment of Triumph

Amidst the weariness, there are moments that shimmer with triumph. One such instance is the exhilarating experience of holding a proof copy of a poetry book in hand for the first time. The culmination of endless efforts, the weight of the paper, the smell of fresh ink, and the sight of words lovingly arranged on each page make for a deeply gratifying moment. It is a tangible testament to the countless hours spent nurturing the poet's vision and breathing life into their words.

The Poet's Face: The Ultimate Reward

While weariness may tug at the edges of determination, it quickly dissipates when met with the radiant smile on a poet's face as they hold their published book for the first time. Witnessing the raw emotion, joy, and sense of accomplishment that blossoms in their eyes is a reward that transcends the challenges faced along the way. In that precious moment, the weariness fades into the background, replaced by an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and the knowledge that their voice has found its rightful place in the world.

Connecting Poets with Readers: The Heart of the Journey

Beyond the exhaustion and the intimate moments of triumph, the ultimate purpose of a one woman poetry press is to bridge the gap between poets and readers. Each book that reaches the hands of a reader represents a connection, a shared experience, and the potential to evoke emotions, ignite thoughts, and spark conversations. The knowledge that the press has played a part in fostering these connections is a powerful driving force that propels the weary soul forward.

The Power of Poetry: A Renewed Inspiration

In the midst of the weariness, it is the power of poetry itself that becomes a wellspring of inspiration. The written word has an extraordinary ability to transcend boundaries, amplify voices, and touch the depths of the human spirit. Each poem, each collection, carries the potential to ignite change, offer solace, and provoke reflection. It is this profound impact that reminds the one woman poetry press of the significance of its mission, rekindling the fire within to continue pushing forward, undeterred.


Running a one woman poetry press is a labour of love, a dance between weariness and inspiration. From the wearisome tasks to the moments of triumph, it is the connection forged with poets and readers that keeps the press moving forward. The radiant smile of a poet, the joy of holding a proof copy, and the transformative power of poetry serve as constant reminders of the profound impact of this solitary endeavor. So, this one woman poetry press persists, navigating the challenges, driven by a deep-rooted passion for poetry, and an unwavering belief in the magic that lies within its pages.

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