Coping with not knowing

Oct 21, 2021

I've had a few conversations about struggling with the unknown of the future and taking it day by day. If there's one thing that Cancer or Chronic Illness brings, it's a voyage into unchartered territory for each of us.

Personally, I hate that!!!

And I've been quite emotional about it, despite now having the awesome news that the cancer hasn't spread to distant parts of my body.

It's hard. A comment Caroline Ratcliff made about peace took me back to earlier conversations in this group about surrender.

Personally, I had peace right from the start about the prognosis/diagnosis and when I questioned why I wasn't asking "Why me? Why now? Why at all?" I had a very clear personal word relating to things I know in my heart.

Reflecting, I think that peace is something we make in collaboration with God. Sometimes He carries more of the load in that, sometimes He's just waiting for us to lean in and pick it up with Him.

It's always personal though. Because each of us has different deeper areas, triggers or fears that surface. So the word for each of us is different. It's about our story and our relationship with God as our father, provider and healer.

In that place of surrender, that's where we hear our words of peace.

I've lost count of the amount of people telling me to relax, rest up and take it day by day. And it has been sooo frustrating because whilst I have had peace about the outcome of the illness, I have struggled with peace about what's next and the whole unknowns of timeframes and capacity and, well, just life

There have been and are things that make that difficult for me. Yet in it all, I have to go back to the words of my story, the words over my life, the Word in my life.

Cancer, treatment and chronic illness redefines and repositions us. But our story is not over. It's just getting more heartfelt, more wisdom and a whole lot richer.

What words of promise do you have from God over your life?

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