Cleaning your Environment S

Cleaning your Environment S

Mar 01, 2022

Before we got onto the Mindfulness session on Sunday past, I was talking about Environment again. I was speaking about Neuro Levels and how Environment is the bottom of the pyramid and therefore the first place we should look to make changes.

I suspect that because I spoke of that, my attention was naturally drawn to a quote by Kerwin Rae who wrote "If you are willing to tolerate low standards, your life will be a reflection of those low standards".

An adaptation of Buddhist teachings once more.

If we take that to environment, then my question on Sunday was "How clean is your car?". What message does that send to our brain each time we get into the car?

Now take that to your work space and then into your living space.

Do you invest time and energy to make that space the best it can be for what you want to achieve in it? If not then why not? Would it be better to invest time and energy to make your space a place where you would benefit even more from it?

Through these posts and through my 1:1 coaching it is often the clearing of the mental environment that the client is living in, in their head, that allows clarity. Then think of the possibilities around relationship environment. What can you clean up there that would help bring clarity. Would a little forgiveness and kindness help? Would making a brave decision ultimately help?

As always, please test it out.


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