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Weekend photos and release day show for ...

Weekend photos and release day show for "Ride on" this Friday!

Aug 02, 2021

Good morning my friends! 😊

I hope you had a lovely weekend and your Monday is going well so far πŸ€—

My weekend was dinner and drinks with my husband on Saturday night. Sunday was long walks around Edinburgh while listening to music by Pete Yorn and then for the evening we watched "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Great movie! 😊

Today is an editing and rehearsals day and getting ready for my "Irish Memories" show tomorrow and also the release day show on Stageit for my new cover song version of "Ride On" by Christy Moore out this Friday! πŸ₯°

Below are links to Stageit and also a pre-save link if you would love to get a notification when my new song is on your favourite streaming platform πŸ€—

Stageit :

Pre-save link:

My private soundchecks for Buy me a coffee members are now a weekly thing! Woo-hoo! So much fun! πŸ€—

More perks and details can be found in the Members section of my Buy me a coffee page!

Have a lovely day my friends and see some of you in the chat box at Stageit shows this week

- Sonia D x

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