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Weekend photos and music news for this w ...

Weekend photos and music news for this week!

Jul 19, 2021

Good afternoon my friends!

Happy Monday and I hope you had a lovely weekend πŸ€—

My weekend was a mix of books, nature walks, sunshine and a pet farm πŸ₯°

Busy week ahead and today is another studio day for me working on the last songs for my album out this year.

Tomorrow I'm back on Stageit for my Irishy show and also this Friday I'm performing a themed show "Songs from movies and 60s songs" πŸ’œ

Tickets still available here :

My Buy me a coffee members picked the setlist for Friday show and we are also having a private soundcheck tomorrow πŸ€—

If you would love to come to the soundcheck more details in my BMC members community section.

Have a lovely start to the week my friends and see some of you at some Stageit shows this week.

- Sonia D x

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