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"Season" is now live!!

"Season" is now live!!

May 28, 2021

Good afternoon my friends!

Release day of "Season" is here!! Yeye! 

Such a huge response to my new single already today! Thank you! :)

To celebrate release day, I'm performing my 1st ever release day show on Stageit. 

It's my first ever release day show so far in my entire music career and not only am I performing an acoustic version of "Season" I'm also playing songs that will feature on my debut album out this year (Date TBA).

It's going to be a very special show! I hope you can make it today. 

Stageit show link :

My last bit of exciting release day news is the lyric video and the acapella video for "Season" are both live now on my Youtube channel.

Thanks so much for making release day special and for your continued love and support. It means the world to me. 

Thank you again my friends and see you over on Stageit today in a few hours!

- Sonia D x

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