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Personal milestone to share with you πŸ’œ

Personal milestone to share with you πŸ’œ

Jul 11, 2022

Good afternoon my friends! How was your weekend? So happy to share with you my personal milestone that happened over the weekend, I had my first walk outdoors in two weeks πŸ™Œ

It has been a long and ongoing and emotional recovery since I had my spinal procedure but so grateful for the lovely moment I got to share with my husband and our dog Bowie πŸ₯°

It was also our 6th year wedding anniversary over the weekend and so grateful to have a partner in life who is my best friend and always there for me, especially now πŸ’œ

P.S.... check out the photo of the anniversary card my husband gave me 😁 I know you can relate 🐾 and also... in the 2nd photo of the lovely weather and boat cafe in Edinburgh you can see Bowie and my husband waiting for coffee β˜•

Also... New music demos comingΒ this month every Friday in the members section of our Sunny D Buy me a coffee page!Β Thanks my friends for your love and support and friendship πŸ’œ

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