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Happy 1 yr anniversary for my song Seaso ...

Happy 1 yr anniversary for my song Season!

May 30, 2022

Wow! So many milestones this month. Feeling very blessed and grateful for all these milestones 💜

Season was a song I wrote when a family member passed away in Ireland and I wasn't able to travel due to travel restrictions. I sat on my bed, played the guitar and let the tears flow and allowed myself to experience everything I was feeling and that was the moment "Season" was written. This song happen so quickly and it was formed in 10mins. I still remember that moment. Music is so so special and so healing.

The amount of emails, private messages I have received about "Season" still to this day means the world to me that I can help others through music. It's all I have ever wanted to achieve with music, connection with others.

Thanks my friends for your continued love and support and friendship and I can't wait to see what this year brings us with music and moments together.

- Sonia D x


Season is available to stream everywhere you listen to music including Bandcamp! :

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