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SiAdTala FullMoon Attunement

SiAdTala FullMoon Attunement

Oct 21, 2023

"Accept Your Calling, Attuned Yourself,

Now is The Time, Now is The Hour,

Claim Your Magick, Claim Your Power."

The Spirit of Halloween is almost near. Some of us are busy in preparing their custom for their Halloween Party and some of us are busy cleaning their loved one's graves. But How about the Spiritual and the Magical Practitioner? How do they prepare themselves for these kinds of events?

Let's talk about this sacred day for the Spiritual and Magical Practitioner. How do they use this All Souls Day or Halloween for their personal empowerment and for their personal benefits?

All Souls Day is the perfect Day for us to work on our ancestors by aligning our energy to them and by doing these we can access their blessing, wisdom and knowledge. Conducting rituals will strengthen our connection to them. This is the right time to call the spirit of our loved one and also the spirit of all our ancestors.

We can grab this opportunity to express our love to them by offering them their favorite flower, foods and drinks. Through this sacred gesture they might respond by giving us their Special blessings of Good Luck.

We can do this at the cemetery within their grave or in our house by setting up an altar for them if you can’t go to their grave.

During this time the veil of the spirit world to our world is so thin that’s the reason why it is easy for us as a Magical Practitioner to call our Ancestors and work with them to ask blessings, guidance and protection.

So on the upcoming full moon, October 30, 2023, at exactly 7 pm in the evening in your time zone, we will be conducting the SiAdTala Baybayin Mystic Oracle Attunement.

During this event we will Attune you to the energy of the Spirit of your Ancestor by using your Full Name. We will transliterate your name into baybayin so that we could get more information about your innate Skills and Abilities through the help of the Spirit of Diwatang SiBulan, Adlaw and Tala. You will also discover their prayer and expectation that is hidden in your given name.

To learn and discover more about the Blessings of the Diwatang SiBulan, Adlaw, Tala, and Baybayin Magick and access to your own Spiritual Gifts that been nurtured by our Ancestors,

you can do it by Registering to our Attunement Workshop through the link below.

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