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s7: The Other Usage Of Tawas

s7: The Other Usage Of Tawas

Jan 26, 2024

Aside from Spiritual Diagnostics, we can also use our tawas to know who or what type of spirit will work and assist you for this whole year round.

Every New Year Apu Adman Aghama conducts Oracle Reading to seek Guidance through Oracle Card name Vision Quest. This act is a form of getting insight into possible luck, new opportunities, blessings, and possible blockages for the whole year. But this year 2024 instead of an Oracle card we use Tawas sa Papel. Our specific intention is to know “Who or What type of spirit will assist and guide us now for the whole year 2024?”

I will share with you our Tawas sa Papel and What the Spirit looks like that will assist us for the whole year 2024.

You can also do this if you need a visual image of your Spirit Guide for the Whole Year and if you need a direct connection to them. After the tawas procedure, you can put the paper tawas in the picture frame and put it on your altar. You can do a simple ritual of offering candles, incense, flowers, or any type of food and drink as a form of devotion to them.

This will serve as your connection from the realm of the spirits into our realm the Physical world. This paper will also serve as Our Personal Magickal Talisman.

🙏Mayari na! Magbaya!🙏

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