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Pinahig - an Ifugao blade

Pinahig - an Ifugao blade

Sep 23, 2023


A pinahig is a weapon and tool made and popularized by the Ifugao tribe of the Cordillera Mountain ranges of Central Northern Luzon, Philippines. The Pinahig has a blade which becomes wider and thinner towards a relatively rounded tip obviously adapted entirely for the cut.

This pinahig is traditionally hand forged by Udi Tim-ang while the scabbard was made by Udi Nay-yu. This blade is forged out of leaf spring and oil quenched. The Scabbard depicts the lingo, the gayaman and the mountain ranges of the Cordilleras. This is a guaranteed hand forged item and not the ordinary commercial souvenir blade pieces. It is made by an Ifugao bladesmith from Baguio and I bought this from Hanyan Blades.

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