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Trouble Nuggets

Trouble Nuggets

May 25, 2021

Over the weekend, my dad and I took two of the three kitties to live in North Carolina, as well as having their trouble nuggets removed. I only got one decent photo between the two cats, and the third has yet to be caught.

Salem (pictured above) was the first of the trio to be taken down to Hatteras. He wasn't particularly happy that he'd been caught. I was sad that we couldn't capture his twin brother at the same time. Instead of letting Salem stay the night, I took him straight down south and came back. It was a 4-hour drive in all, but it was worth it to know that the cat was now in safe hands.

Surprisingly enough, Shiva was the second to be caught. And we were low on time so we decided to take him south too. As of Sunday, they both have had their balls removed and are safe and sound.

The third cat, Lucifur, needs to be captured soon. And I feel guilty about him and Salem being separated. They are thick as thieves and it's got to be difficult for them to be separated for so long. I hope we get Lucifur soon: our blundertwins need to reunite!

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