Mugwort is a Pisces

Mugwort is a Pisces

May 19, 2024

Culpepper gives rulership of Mugwort to the planet Venus, and it makes sense. Mugwort is cooling and relaxing, and can support certain women’s health problems.

I think it also makes sense to associate Mugwort with the sign of Pisces. (This is not contradictory, since Venus is exalted in Pisces.) Here’s my case for believing Mugwort to be in the realm of Pisces:

  • The shape of Mugwort’s leaves changes dramatically throughout the plant’s life cycle. As a young plant, the leaves are round, lobed, and wide. By the time the plant reaches maturity, the leaves are long, narrow and thin. Not even recognizable! People with strong Pisces placements are also known for being very changeable. They can fit into any situation. Like chameleons, they change to fit the needs of the environment. Mugwort’s ever-changing leaf shapes point to the most mutable of the mutable signs.

Young Mugwort leaves compared to mature Mugwort leaves. Images from Wikimedia Commons

  • Mugwort’s leaves are dark green on top and have nearly-white undersides. This represents a duality of expression. Pisces is represented by two fish, swimming in opposite directions, and is classified as one of the dual-bodied signs.

    Mugwort leaves are green on the top, white underneath. Image from Michigan State University

  • Medicinally, Mugwort is most famous for its support with dreaming. The sign of Pisces is also strongly associated with dreams.

  • Mugwort can also help with people who are emotionally resistant to change. Mugwort helps you relax into a flexible outlook on life, something that Pisces also excels at.

  • Mugwort helps the body increase its flow of fluids. If your body is dry and stagnant, if you have poor circulation, blockages, and slow digestion, Mugwort can get things moving and flowing. Pisces is a water sign. Of all the water signs, Pisces may be the most stereotypically “watery,” because of its mutability.

These are, by no means, the only talents of Mugwort! But they are some major themes, which really point to the strong association of Mugwort with the sign of Pisces.

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