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Announcing Weekly Musings: The Third 52

Announcing Weekly Musings: The Third 52

May 04, 2022

You might know that I publish an email newsletter each Wednesday called Weekly Musings. And every 12 months or so, I collect the previous year's essays into an ebook.

I'm pleased to announce that the latest collection essays from this letter is now available to download at Gumroad. This collection, titled Weekly Musings: The Third 52 not only brings together the last 52 essays I've shared, but also includes  a foreword by Bryan Behrenshausen.

That ebook is a thank you letter to everyone who reads Weekly Musings. The book is a free download (and always will be), although I’ve set it up to be a pay-what-you-want kind of deal. Remember, though, that you’re not expected or obliged to pay anything.

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