takoyaki please!

takoyaki please!

Apr 14, 2023

i need some takoyaki,

it’s better than hockey,

or wearing pants in khaki,

paired with a film by miyazaki.


who would have thought,

giving octopus balls a shot,

would really hit the spot.

hand me a plate quickly,

i’m acting very prickly,

my hunger is so grizzly,

that i urge you to strictly,

stop making me feel guilty.


what i want is quite tasty,

that i urge you to be hasty,

so now please be racy,

don’t be this lazy.


you can call me crazy,

or a mountain daisy,

wait everything’s hazy.


i’ve just taken a bite,

my mind has taken flight,

my brain is tied to a kite,

my reason set up a campsite,

my logic got into a bullfight,

my heart is filled with delight,

on this takoyaki-filled night.


i see now in hindsight,

that i’m no playwright,

i’ll just enjoy the twilight,

while all the bees unite,

tomorrow in the sunlight.

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