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🏡 You're Home. Weekly Reading August 14 ...

🏡 You're Home. Weekly Reading August 14-20 2022🏡

Aug 14, 2022

Welcome everyone to the weekly reading! Today we'll be using Mystical Medleys by Gary Hall. This reading can be a mantra/affirmation, a message, or advice. Today it is a message. Let's dive into the message, shall we?


We drew the Four of Wands. You are home. If you aren't home, you will be very soon! Keep pursuing the dream of where you want to be. Don't give up!

If you are home/where you want to be, know that this is a joyous time for you. Celebrate as much as you can and enjoy this time. You've worked so hard and come so far!

Some of you may be moving into a new home. It will be cozy, harmonious, and exciting! Others may be spending more time at their home this week. This can be a well-needed break!

Others may be celebrating a birthday or other event at home. It's okay to have quiet birthdays at home. Your birthday doesn't always need to be a grandiose event. It's okay to be gathered around the people who create hearth in your heart.

There is also a message to move around. Get up and dance! Do some yoga. Stretch. Go for a walk.

Either way, the good times will be rolling this week! Enjoy them!


And that is your message for this week! I hope you enjoyed it!

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