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Sep 11, 2023

Refreshments are something that everyone should provide for themselves, or better yet, bring to share. As stated before, this is not the DM’s responsibility. Commonly, refreshments are acknowledged “junk foods”: soda pop, peanuts pretzels, cookies, and chips of all kinds, including the four basic gamer food groups: caffeine, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. In deference to good eating habits and in an attempt to avoid pear-shaped bodies, try to balance the type of snacks provided. For long game sessions, suggest ahead of time that the players come prepared to participate in some form of deliverable food (like pizza). Allow breaks for eating and, if possible, keep food and drink away from the gaming table. Don’t let food disrupt the game or become a distraction.

From 2nd Edition, AD&D's Campaign Sourcebook... Section on Etiquette

Rick’s Notes: While snacks are not ‘expected’ or ‘necessary’ for a game to break out, they do strength the social connections we are building with our friends and associates. Can’t help but smile whenever I pull an old book off a shelf and spot the lasting Cheeto orange fingerprints scattered here and there…

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