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Prerolling Characters

Prerolling Characters

Sep 06, 2023

Whenever possible, create new player characters ahead of time. Prerolling new player characters before the day or scheduled time of a game session is a small but greatly appreciated courtesy. Character creation, especially when any type of background development is involved, takes time. If the DM waits until the game session to roll up new player characters, valuable game time is wasted. Instead of playing the game, the other players must find ways to entertain themselves until the DM is ready to play. In this regard, the DM runs the risk of losing his players to whatever has distracted them.

From 2nd Edition, AD&D's Campaign Sourcebook... Section on Etiquette

Rick’s Notes: So, before those of you who don’t “Play those so-in-so RPGs”, Pre-game prep is a commonly accepted portion of the social contract we make with our fellow players. If, for example, in Battletech, your next game or campaign needs the players to figure and allot battle value and other purchases; establishing a unit(s) make up and support, or perhaps, deciding on the world setting, environment, and game conditions ‘before’ gathering to game. Doing these sorts of things helps to create a smooth gaming session.

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