Week 4 Waivers

Week 4 Waivers

Sep 25, 2023

Well...week 3 was crazy. The Chargers didn't Charger themselves, Miami didn't play the mercy rule against the Broncos and we saw a huge amount of players "arriving". But the wheel rolls on and as we move into Week 4, who are we aiming for?

There are a lot of names I could go through, but I'm going to once again focus on guys that have a more predictable range of outcomes and are more than 50% available. If you're in a weak league with Taylor or Kamara (5% and 8% availability) go and get them, but more than likely these guys will appear in your leagues and be useful to you. Last week we hit on Jordan Love and Zack Moss, but whiffed on a couple of others, but if you're playing on the waiver wire, you've got to expect that these guys are not on rosters because they're inherently risky or hit-or-miss.

At QB, we're going with a name that I'm not sure why we're all so down on...the most handsome guy in Vegas, Jimmy Gesus, the saviour of the Raiders did lose the game, but performed well for Fantasy due to having...well...Devante Adams. You want to hitch your QB to a solid WR at all times and there's nobody more solid than Mr Adams.

At running back there were a few options, but I needed to clear space for the 230 yard, 50+ point man in Achane. Nothing more to say, he has arrived and you want him as part of your team moving forward. At worst he's a complimentary piece and at best he could be a week or league winner. We know our running backs here at RWP and he and the Dolphins are going to be special. Don't expect 50 points again anytime soon, but I would look to him to impress in future weeks and down the stretch for your fantasy playoffs.

For our first receiver of three, I'm going to admit I was wrong. Calvin Austin out produced in a not particularly productive offence this week and he is a Tomlin favourite. For that reason alone, he's not going away and with Diontae Johnson sidelined for a minimum of another 3 weeks, he'll be a suitable stand in with high opportunity.

Romeo Doubs is another name that I've been flirting with, but haven't been able to commit to. This week changed that. Five receptions, 70+ yards and a TD don't jump off the page, but these guys on Waivers are likely to be your WR3/4 and I saw more in the game that led me to believe that Doubs is the go to guy when their back is against the wall, and based on the way that GB have been playing, I think it's a good investment that they will be in a similar situation again.

Of the final WR's I'm going to go with someone who was on my list last week, but I didn't commit and I wish I had. Sutton is the alpha when it comes to volume, with Jeudy working in, but in a Denver offence that doesn't look horrible, I'm seeing Mims as being a burner and he's not just done it once! Big splash plays will mean he stays valuable in standard and half PPR, but he's the mismatch. Against a Chicago defence who can't get their s*** together, I'd be looking towards a big game from Marvin.

Finally, let's retread an old favourite. The TE position is so up and down that unless you have Kelce you're f***ed. I recommended Parham for Week 2: he whiffed. I recommended Hunter Henry for week 3: he whiffed. So maybe it's the lack of faith and consistency I had, but I do see Parham as being a viable upside option at TE; with Mike Williams potentially injured, Parham remains a huge target and with a position group so poor, I'd rather have TD upside than 3-5 points any day of the week - you're not going to win from TE each week, but this move gives you a chance to make a difference.

Thanks again for tuning in and supporting, more on the Waivers show later tonight. Good luck for the Monday Night Double-Header and I'll see you soon on the virtual gridiron.


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