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Membership has its Privileges!

Membership has its Privileges!

Jan 30, 2022

I know viewers don't like ads interrupting their videos. Well, today I'm trying something new. All members can watch my last live stream, in its entirety, AD FREE! I'll post a shorter edit (which may have some new content), but members will always have access to the original full version. You can find the perk on the Extras tab or use this direct link.

So if you missed the live stream, as a member, you can watch it, ad free, anytime. If you logged off early and missed the post credit epiphany (an entire extra 20 minutes), you can scrub your way through it and check out what you missed.

Those who are not members can also watch the live stream for only a buck ($1) and it's still AD FREE!

I'd love to read your thoughts. Place them in the comments below and let me know if this is a feature of membership you find valuable. I have more ideas for member extras coming in the future as I find ways to the keep members, and "my lovely accountant", happy! 😄

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