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Cooking day

Cooking day

May 06, 2023

As our produce box gets delivered on a Friday (and I work during the week), Saturday is usually the day I cook.

What I make usually depends on what comes in the produce box, and I try to avoid buying fruit and veg from supermarkets where possible.

Soups and curries are staples here in winter, and I often also cook rice, pasta and legume based dishes.

Today I made:

- Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup

- Mauritian Potato Curry

- Hidden Vegetable Pasta Bake

- Soup stock

- Bean mix for tacos/burritos

- Biryani

As I got to the bottom of the produce box I spotted some lemons, so will raid the pantry later to see if I've got what I need for a lemon slice, as a lunchbox treat.

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