Spectral Colours: my gift

Spectral Colours: my gift

Dec 13, 2021

I use the Spectral Colours as a guide between all philosophies in my page. Colour is nothing but a vibration and nature uses the Sun's rainbow palette with very specific purposes.

Since 2020 Spectral Colours have helped me open my third eye. I can see the colour of what we could call a soul. Basically I can see the light beam of someone just by thinking of them.

After two years of endless research, painting, drawing, writing, visualizing, breathing, traveling across the observable universe only with my mind, and studying ancient Greek Astrology and Pythagorean Numerology, I concluded that everything complemented each other perfectly. Everything has been built based on the Spectral Colours, the beautiful energies of the white light of our Sun. These energies fuel our planet and us. My life became peaceful and pretty when I accepted and embraced my gift. The Spectral Colours are pretty close to the infamous Chakras and aura colours, but in my case, they are clearly granular lines of sunlight connecting our nervous system and our star, the Sun.

Start by greeting and thanking the Sun everyday and then watch all the small and big wonders that will start to happen!

There is always hope even in a dark cell.

The light of love comes from inside out.

When the psyche doesn't love or loves dangerously, a dark sea lives alone within us without any light. Alone with fear, guilt and rage.

There is neither good or bad. Everything happens for the reason their karma demands so. It all exists to lead us to pathways full of energies we seek deep within.

When we recognize the deeper reason behind our choices we can find brighter ways to keep our emotional and spiritual wealth safe. To get to the one and only truth, the answer to our question, the reason beyond the visible spectrum, we first need to explore all the wavelengths across the spectrum. Having a holistic approach in life, we can transform anytime we need to get the best for us. To get what we truly deserve.

The truth is nothing but a destination. The rest we call it our life journey; all the mountains, seas and waterfalls we cross and all the souls we come across.

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