NEWS: 3rd Party SMS 2FA Provider Sold Us ...

NEWS: 3rd Party SMS 2FA Provider Sold User Phone Numbers/Location

Feb 10, 2022

2FA SMS: Better Alternatives For Security πŸ™ƒ

Anyone who's a member of this community knows I've warned in the past that SMS 2FA was not the most ideal form of 2FA (but better than nothing in most cases!)

Read my past public coverage of SMS 2FA and better 2FA alternatives protecting your data: Mastodon thread HERE.

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In the above video, I discuss the story, and provide a few solutions to everyone who is a follower here.

Providers That May Be Affected:

  • WhatsApp

  • TikTok

  • Tencent

  • Twitter

  • Google

  • Telegram

User Identities + Locations

  • Happening since at least 2017 (according to sources)

  • Claim (as usual) for ethical use - sadly we see too many cases where this promise is violated

  • Co-founder of Mitto personally installed tracking software in their network

  • Twitter now moving away from Mitto

  • Stories like this can chill free expression/Free Speech/Journalism online

  • High level US State Dept was a victim of this attack (according to gizmodo)

Security Tip To Providers: offer email 2FA, to protect users and enhance security over SMS 2FA. Or at the least, attach 2nd email for each account for further verification.

Phone numbers are too personal, and this can hold ramifications for Human Rights and free expression/Journalism.

Countless individuals have had bank accounts stolen by providing a phone number for "2FA".

SMS 2FA opens us up a host of problems - especially when account information/password can be changed using it.

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