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Film Empress's Daily Face Slapping Chapt ...

Film Empress's Daily Face Slapping Chapter 28.1

Dec 25, 2021

Deleting Scenes

Cough cough!” 

Su Shen lightly coughed and cast a glance at the server. The latter was stunned and came to her senses, and quickly left while covering her mouth. 

Su Shen thought she would ask for an autograph or something. However, when she looked back, that server seemed to have already told all the other servers, and they all gathered around the front desk with their phones pointing at them. 

Great. This dinner could not be eaten. 

“Like I said, eating with you is risky.” Su Shen smiled helplessly, stood up, and fixed her hair to the front, which immediately covered half of her face. 

Xie Yan also stood up, lowered his cap, and walked towards the front desk.

Su Shen followed him, wanting to pay the check. But Xie Yan had already taken out his card. The eyes of the girl at the register were glued on Xie Yan, unable to tear apart. 

“He…Hello, the total is two thousand three…” When the girl took Xie Yan’s card and saw his hand at close range, her hand kept trembling. 

Su Shen didn’t bother fighting over the check, as it would only draw people’s attention over here. She just so happened to have three thousand in cash in her purse and planned to just leave it in Xie Yan’s car later.  

Seeing that the girl was looking at him in a fluster, Xie Yan pulled down his cap again and said softly, “Please hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”

When the girl heard his low, magnetic voice, she got fired up, and her movements immediately became quicker, “Ok… here’s… here’s your card.”

As for the other servers, they had been taking pictures from the side. Fortunately, they did not scream.  

As soon as he took the card from the girl’s hand, Xie Yan lowered his head again and immediately walked out with Su Shen.

As soon as they came out of the restaurant, a cold breeze hit them. Under the dim street lamp, the shadows of the two were drawn obliquely and long. Su Shen turned around. The man in front of her was tall, and his silhouette was particularly distinct in the night. Perhaps it was because his cap was pulled down, Su Shen could not see his eyes.  

“The photos they took just now…”

“I will have He Hua monitor the various social media platforms and won’t let these photos spread.” Xie Yan glanced at the busy road and suddenly said, “If you’re tired, take a taxi and go back first. It will take a while for Zhao Tong to drive over.” 

Su Shen also wanted to take a taxi and leave first, but she would not be able to give the money to him again. If she transferred the money to him, Xie Yan wouldn’t accept it either.

Before she could say anything more, she saw that Xie Yan had already hailed a taxi for her, and had already gone to open the door for her. 

“The bill just now…”

Seeing her wanting to say something yet paused, Xie Yan smiled faintly and said with one hand grabbing the car handle, “You can treat me another time.”

He was too close, to the point where Su Shen could see his eyes which were obstructed by his cap. Their eyes met, and she immediately recovered her senses, turned around, and got into the taxi. 

After reporting an address to the driver, the car immediately drove onto the road and disappeared into the night of endless traffic. 

Su Shen looked back and through the window, she could only see that the figure was getting smaller and smaller. 

She felt a bit stifled as Xie Yan was becoming more and more obvious now. 

She had no idea whether those servers captured her face or not. However, that server clearly did not recognize her. Although news of her and Jiang Yin had been the talk of the internet, it was all false. Her name was still not well-known.  

With that dinner ended up as a fiasco, Su Shen had no appetite to eat either. When she got home, she called Liu jie immediately. The other party quickly connected, and then came Liu jie’s insipid voice, “Finished so soon?”

Su Shen sat on the sofa with a pillow in her arms and said solemnly, “Why did you do this? How is this different from letting me eat with those big bosses? Or do you think it’s because Xie Yan looks better than those big bosses, so the nature of it is different?”

Su Shen’s tone was uncourtly, and she didn’t like how Liu jie was acting on her own liberty.

“Of course, the nature of it is different.” Liu jie, on the other end, suddenly snorted, “You’re not stupid, and I’m not stupid. You can’t fail to see what I can see.” 

Su Shen didn’t say anything more when she heard what the other end of the phone said. 

“For no reason, Xie Yan would run over to your house for dinner? For no reason, he would send you home? If he was so kind, why didn’t he send Fan Meng back? Don’t tell me that it’s a coincidence. All the coincidences are because of the willingness of the other party!”  

After Liu jie finished speaking seriously, she then eased her tone, “I know that Jiang Yin is also pursuing you. Although you and him are hyping a CP, have you seen me matchmake you guys in private before? Public matters are public, and private matters are private. I definitely won’t meddle with your private matters, but Xie Yan is different. He hasn’t had a girlfriend for so many years since his debut, not even an ambiguous significant other. Furthermore, he doesn’t sleep around. Just this alone is incomparable to many people in this industry. I feel that you two are a good match, so I wanted to set you guys up. Of course, if you think I’m meddling, then I will only focus on your career in the future.” 

Even when the voice on the other end of the phone came to a close, Su Shen still didn’t say anything. Yes, of course, she could tell that Xie Yan treated her differently, and that’s why she hadn’t wanted to get too close to him. Although she had never dated before, she also knew that she couldn’t simply go and date someone casually. Moreover, after seeing how messy the entertainment industry was, how could she dare to believe the love in this industry?

“In the beginning, I did want you to have friendly relations with Xie Yan, which would be helpful when you enter the silver screen in the future. However, at present, your popularity and fame are far from enough to support the resources that he brings you. Even if you do end up together with him, you still need to film dramas to accumulate popularity. It’s impossible to reach the sky in one step. If you don’t end up with him, I indeed will feel that it’s a pity, but you will still have to follow the original path no matter whether you guys are together or not. For the time being, your career path will not change. At most, you won’t hype CPs*.”  

CP - in case anyone forgot, CP stands for couple

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