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Samsung and 'The Metaverse'

Samsung and 'The Metaverse'

Jan 23, 2022

Before I begin, anybody hate the word 'Metaverse ' even though its in Its infancy. Let’s hope it starts to feel more natural as time goes on. But for now it feels strange to say and type.

But let’s continue...

The metsverse is the buzz word of the moment for almost every tech company. Some have been more vocal than others but rest assured it will be included in every tech companies plans for the future. Samsung is no exception.

Samsung have, for a long time, made really unusual marketing g videos where it isn’t entirely clear what they are marketing. Their latest video is no exception. It’s confusing and vague. It tugs on the heart strings. It seems altogether pointless. But one thing becomes clear when you see the small print. Samsung has being g eyeing the Metaverse for a while

See the video here;

Using an unknown Samsung laptop the granddaughter in the video is working on a project that turns out to be a virtual reality art gallery for her grandmother’s artwork.

The people viewing the gallery? Non-other than Samsung lesser-used and somewhat unpopular, AR Emojis!

Makes you realise that Samsung, though they haven’t mentioned it before, have probably been thinking about the Metaverse for a long time. I’m sure there will be talk of it I’m the upcoming unpacked 2022 but for now, this is as much as we have.

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