Chronicles of Elyria WINS Lawsuit but ca ...

Chronicles of Elyria WINS Lawsuit but can they RECOVER?

Oct 13, 2022

So the Chronicles of Elyria saga finally ended with Soul Bound Studios winning their class action lawsuit in Washington. Caspian claims this is a great victory for crowd funding products, but the truth is this is a slippery win as the only reason why SBS won, was because they excluded some verbiage in their Terms of Service. Had their TOS been written differently, or had they gotten a different judge on assignment, this case would have gone a totally different way. With that said, the future of crowdfunding is secure for now, but I imagine this going to be an issue we see again very soon.

With that said, I would absolutely recommend you NEVER give Caspian, SBS, or COE a dime until the game comes out, and even then it is iffy if you should support a company that was greased up and slipped through the cracks.

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