not a place but a state of mind

not a place but a state of mind

Dec 04, 2022

PAGE Chronicles <[email protected]>

Fri, Nov 26, 2021, 11:56 AM

I’ve been seeking to be a part of the New Jerusalem. According to Revelation from the scriptures - the New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven.

It’s not a place rather it’s a state of mind. 

I’ve been looking at world for a while and it appears  to me … that people are being imposed with categories of the mind that are not coherent with categories of reality.

Governments do not seem to represent the people but rather appear to be a proxy for oligarchs and globalists interests. Take the pandemic for example - COVID has provided the perfect cover to implement medical tyranny on a global scale. I believe fascism should be spelled Phascism - as it seems the Pharmaceuticals are driving this plandemic.

Legacy or Main Stream Media is biased in their reporting and is really hard to trust. I mean what would you expect when most of those talking heads and spin doctors are brought to you by their sponsors like Pfizer. - thank God for the internet and alternative media or else the brainwashing would be more blatant.

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