Background to the motive - jabbers

Background to the motive - jabbers

Dec 04, 2022

Who´s behind the Vaccines? Well, let them tell you themselves in this clip.


This writing is inspired by 91.Stomperud: Background to the motive. Summary of the Kabbalah part about the Non-Jews. How the Jews get inspiration and justifies their actions as we see in the world.

It is in the religion of the Jews - a command from their god - to exterminate non-Jews to cleanse the earth, which according to Jews was created by their god as a paradise exclusive to them. In other words, for centuries if not millennia they have believed that this is also true. This is how they interpret reality and everything revolves around this one mission from their god; to restore their lost paradise. And they use public euphemisms like; "heal the world" or "eradicate evil", "restore peace" and so on, all of which refer to this commission they received from their god.

And in order for their paradise to be restored and the "light" of their god to shine upon the earth, three things must happen in the following order: especially Christians and white people must be exterminated and wiped out of existence (Edom), Moshiach (the Jewish messiah) must be announced and the third the temple is being built. But eventually all other people will also be exterminated, and only a few will be kept alive to worship and serve Jews as their slaves.

According to their myths, during the creation of the earth, paradise was lost, because of their god messed things up. As a result, some of the vessels containing the divine light were shattered and the original evil clawed at the broken vessels and occupied them - and yes, to make a long story short, the broken vessels that are evil and have only a small crumble of the divine light in their souls - they are all non-Jews. Jews on the other hand are the unbroken vessels and all Jews are pure and filled with divine light, and therefore not only are God's chosen people, but some believe even. be emanations / the radiance of God (reminiscent of how Jesus the Messiah / Christ is described in Philippians: As the radiance of God).

Except if they defile themselves by marrying non-Jews and thus assimilating. -At this point, they are seen as traitors by the pure and perfect Jews. But Jews also believe in reincarnation for Jews, while non-Jews when they die dissolve into the original darkness of nothing, Jews are incarnated precisely because they are the spark or light of God. So they believe that by murdering racial traitors, they are purifying the soul of the traitors, a kind of purification process. So for them to kill another Jew is no sin because the racial traitors are reincarnated as Jews and get a second chance, so to speak.

In any case, they actually believe that all non-Jews, the "broken vessels" that were filled with the "original-evil" - are the offspring / offspring of evil, Satan or the devil - pure evil regardless. So therefore they seem to have no morals, empathy or honesty when it comes to non-Jews. For in their minds it is not wrong to lie to the offspring / evil of evil, nor is it wrong to deceive, deceive or otherwise exploit "the evil" and preferably see the "evil" suffer because of it. That is why they are very proud to inflict harm, pain and suffering, no empathy but what seems like sadism when they torture and find all kinds of creative evil ways to murder children, women and men who are non-Jews in the most terrible ways to prolong suffering - after all, they punish evil, the offspring of Satan. And when a non-Jew dies, the little crumb of pure light that was in the broken / broken vessel returns to the Jews and makes them stronger. So their god, the Jews and the whole universe are waiting to get back this light that the broken / broken vessels still possess.

But they are not allowed to murder, cheat, steal or do these things to other Jews; this as normal human beings is held back by our moral code and simply recognizes the lives of All human beings as an inviolable holiness. Images of God. All of this Since they do not see non-Jews as human beings (Man/Human - Adám), do you understand that? They see you and me and everyone else except themselves as the literal radiance of evil, and they believe that they have been commanded by their god to eradicate and wipe out all evil so that they can restore their lost paradise. I can not stress enough how dangerous this type of thinking is, or the level of evil it has already led to .... and that there are no mental barriers in their minds that would make them hesitate for a second when it comes to to exterminate others. It is, after all, a mitzvah (commandment) from their god.


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