Nov 26, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving, Owlets!

I love Thanksgiving. Christmas will always be my favorite, but as much as I love the spirit of gift giving, there's something freeing about a holiday that celebrates being grateful for what we already have—material and otherwise.

The first year of Owl's Nest has been so full of good things. Things we are daily grateful for. Even so, there's so much that we look forward to, things to come that we hope for in our business. We have worked so hard to get Owl's Nest off the ground and we have a long ways to go. Sometimes, with so much ahead of us, it's hard to turn around and see how far we've come. This week, we stopped and took stock of all the ground we've covered this year. We have published three beautiful books so far, with more to come in the New Year; we have signed several outside authors and have a full publishing calendar for 2023 and into 2024; we have brought on board a number of talented women who have caught the vision for Owl's Nest and donated their time and talents—this has not only eased the burden of running the business on our own, but has helped to create a fun and collaborative work environment. And we have people, like you, who have caught the vision from the outside and have supported us with encouraging words, buying "coffees," and purchasing our books.

Today, when this drops into your inbox, it is actually Small Business Saturday, which gives us an extra opportunity to thank you again for supporting our small business in our first year. We wanted to take this opportunity, during Thanksgiving week, so express our gratitude to you, our Owlets. Our business is still growing, and we are so thankful you're on the flight with us.

With full hearts (and full bellies) thank you.

Until Nest Time,

Katie & Karin

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