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The School judge

The School judge

Jul 05, 2023

“If, one day, your closest friend confesses his/her love to you... What will you say?”

Hoang Bach and Minh Dat are close friends living next door to each other and attending in the same class. Bach is a class monitor who is not only good at studying but also serious, disciplined and well-organized. On the contrary, Dat is aggressive, thoughtless, idle, and carefree. He often listens to a radio broadcast on Facebook titled “School Judge” by an anonymous boy that people call Candy.

Candy uploads the radio episodes condemning indecent boys and girls, bringing up social evils in schools and exposing things to his audience ... Dat gets more interested in the broadcast and realizes there is a cool boy that shares the same thoughts as him. To Datt, Candy is a walking encyclopedia; a knowledgeable, wise and respectable person. Đạt has grown to admire Candy and has developed an affection for him. Đạt just can't imagine that Candy is right nearby.

Bach - Candy, together with 10 other team members from different schools, they gather pieces of information every day and spread them through the radio broadcast. Candy acts like a judge denouncing the social evils in schools and lets his audience make the final judgements. He once explained his choice of the nickname on the broadcast:

"Social evils are like a candy attracting a colony of ants."

However, Bach is at the age which is still full of dream and he also has a crush, the crush here is Dat. Bach plays a game as a female character in order to approach Dat. Dat feels that this girl plays the game in a brave, strong and idiosyncratic way... Therefore, he gets some very first "shaky" feelings. Dat takes his own initiative to text, communicate and gradually gets closer and more comfortable. He, then, asks Bach for a meeting. Because this moment, Dat has emotions on "the mysterious girl"...

To be continued...

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