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The Lost Ring

The Lost Ring

Jul 05, 2023

. plot:


Our relationship is defined with commands, obedience and no argument.

Do as you say and I will get pampered. Otherwise I would be beaten and cast out of your house… What kind of love is this?

Minh Quan confesses his love to someone for the first time in his life, and gets turned down. In his drunkenness after that, he proposes to a boy he bumps into on the street, forces him to wear the ring and sign a marriage commitment letter… That boy is Thanh Tu, a university student about to graduate. He reluctantly has the ring with him and is set to return it the following day. However, he is then so busy he forgets to do it, leading to him being misunderstood that he has taken the ring for himself.

At the police station, Tu meets Quan's lawyer and a taxi driver. The taxi driver comes to serve as a witness to identify the person calling him to get Quân home that night. Even though Tu has explained clearly, the lawyer insists that Tu has taken the ring on purpose. The marriage commitment letter Quan made finally proves his innocence. Unfortunately, getting involved in this costs Tu his accomodation, employment and honor. Tu goes to Minh Quan's to take his anger out on him… Quan has delved into details about Tu and knows he is taking culinary classes. As a token of his gratitude and apology, Quan decides to help Tú get an internship in accordance with his major.

Things have gone without a hitch, Tu graduates and gets admitted to a restaurant under Quan's management. On his way to bring Quan some sweets to thank him, Tu gives Trung Anh a hand to catch a robber. He arrives at Quan's house looking disheveled with a bruised face and torn lips. Quan treats the wounds for Tu and asks him to move in to live with him.

To be continued...

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