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Big Little Brother

Big Little Brother

Jul 04, 2023
  • Duration: 20 episodes, about 30 minutes/episode

  • Genre: Boys’ love, Family, Romance.

  • Production: O2 Production


“In this life, neither the wound on your hand nor radiotherapy are not the things hurting you. The biggest pain is that lovers can’t be together.”

Thien Bao and Dinh Huy met each other accidentally in a blind date. Huy was rented to be the girl’s fake boyfriend. They wanted to force Bao to reject the matchmaking. It seemed to be that they would never meet each other again. But Thien Bao was the manager of the company where Huy had just applied for apprenticeship. 

Nothing would happen if Huy didn’t record the scene that Thien Bao and Ha Lam was making out. Huy realized that they were ex-lovers and Bao was gay. Lam was the boyfriend of Gia Hoa, Huy’s best friend. Therefore, Huy used the video to warn Bao that if he kept meddling Hoa’s love, Huy would let the whole world know about the video. Because Bao wanted to keep the secret, he had to employ Huy. But Bao didn’t want Huy to split his tongue, he decided to let Huy work at his house. Bao and Huy had opposite characteristics, together with their bad impression about each other, they made so many hilarious situations while working in the same place. At first, Bao only wanted to tease Huy because Bao knew Huy was a straight guy. Time went by, Bao fell in love, both his body and his heart were full of wounds.

To be continued...

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