We hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube !!!! ...

We hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube !!!!

Apr 02, 2022

Ok, we are stupid excited about this news. We have been hanging around just under the 1K mark for so long now. When we had to go back over to England, we didn't have a lot of content that we could put out as we were pretty much making videos and editing them as we went. Cue a bloody fly trying to annoy me while typing this

Anyhoo, As we didn't have any content and as I was spending a lot of time looking after my dad, our subscribers seemed to be dwindling. Which was super sad to see as we had tried so hard to get more and more people to join our journey via our YouTube channel.

When we travelled back to Thailand, we had 970 subscribers and we thought it was going to be almost impossible to hit it as it was always gain 2 subs, lose 1. Still, we battled on. Decided to chnge our intro and music, change our Thumbnail text colours and box and start a fresh for what we had named Series Two of our adventure.

Then the most incredible thing happened, every day our subscriber count was going up, we couldn't beleive it. Was it sheer luck, was it the new theme tune etc or was it that we were finally gaining some momentum as Vloggers?

Still don't know what it was however as of today, we have an incredible 1,008 subscribers!!!! We can't quite belive it, the miracle that has been blessed to us. I have to admit it makes me personally feel pretty friggen special!!! I mean it is still really strange when a stranger comes up to you and tells you they watch your videos, like a tiny sliver of celebrity status hahahaha. Even better feeling is when they tell you that one of your videos helped them to choose a certain destination that they otherwise wouldn't have thought of.

I'm rambling a little bit now so I will just say a massive thank you to each and every person who takes time out of their life to watch us travel around. You guys ROCK!!

We still need to do a video for hitting the magic number so stay tuned for that one, but again, thank you so much

Lots of love Sharon & Jp xx

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