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Sunrise Shimmy

Sunrise Shimmy

Jul 15, 2023

Saturday is forecast to be a little wet and stormy, however a splendid sunrise briefly illuminates Double Denim Dando having a little shimmy. Our dancing hero, who had a series of tap dancing wins in the now defunct West of England Tap & Morris Dancing Championships in the early 1950s always gives out such positive vibes and is a joy to work with. Though he can be a little slow getting on with the actual job in hand.

Regulars of my nonsense will no double recognise him, for he has many jobs, an entertainer, moonshiner, bare footed grape crusher, as well as his more official role of railway shunter, though he appears to have lost his pole for popping those couplings off between the loco and wagon whilst still on the move. Despite being 77, he’s more nimble than ninja one third of his age, so can nip between locos and wagons coupling and uncoupling without the need of that aforementioned couple pole.

For a month or so in the summer around 8pm, the evening sun penetrates my den and illuminates Fountain Colliery. I usually notice this too late, but made a point of pointing a camera at it an evening or two ago, today’s photo being the outcome.

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