Review: Whistle's War by Monique Moreau

Review: Whistle's War by Monique Moreau

Mar 17, 2021

Whistle's War by Monique Moreau is an MC romance. It's the sixth book of the Demon Squad MC series.

Tasa Lupu is the princess of a Romanian mafia. Whistle a prince of a Russian mafia. Both of them escaped in order to gain their freedom.

When Tasa Lupu defied her brother and went to a sex club he gave her an ultimatum, either she was going to have a career in opera or

get married. She decided to disappear and make her way to the source of cutting-edge experimental dance, Madame Pierrette’s dance company in Montreal, Canada. She ended up in Poughkeepsie and sought a job at a local cafe. Since she wanted to stay hidden the manager of

the cafe, Jazz, offered her a job at the Squad Bar. There she caught the eye of Whistle, a patched member of the Demon Squad MC

and one of the bar managers. Somehow he realized that she came from a world similar to his and knew the repercussions of running away

from that. So Whistle decided he would be the one to protect her, even if it meant for life. He did everything in his power to keep her

safe but Tasa longed to have freedom. Whistle knew he should let her free but he hoped that she shared the same feelings he had for her.

I would like to start by stating that even though this book is a part of a series you can read it as a standalone as well.

Now about the plot, it's a mix between a biker and a mafia romance. Half of the book is filled with their sexual escapades which they are extremely hot. The other half is about their early lives in the mafia world and her dilemma between the love for Whistle and

her freedom. The attraction is instant and the love comes quickly. It's less dramatic than some of the other books in this series

and more fun. It's solely focused on the romantic part and has no action in it.

The characters were nice. I loved how fierce Tasa was, even though she was sheltered her whole life she wasn't bowing down to anyone.

Whistle was the pretty boy who turned into a territorial man just like the rest of the brothers but he was also the most laid back.

In general Whistle's War is a nice fun book. It's definitely the most tamed of the series. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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