Review: The Fling by M. Robinson

Review: The Fling by M. Robinson

May 31, 2021

The Fling by Monica Robinson is a romantic comedy. It's the second book from the Playboy Pact series.

This one is about Ashton Hayes and Sage McCoy. They met the day the guys created the playboy pact which was also Sage's sweet sixteen birthday. The next time they met again was eight years later on speed dating for charity. Since they both kept thinking about each other over the years, it wasn't hard to reconnect. The attraction between them was pretty obvious from that night and it only grew over time. Sage was the perfect woman for Ashton but her baby boy, Haiden, had major issues with their relationship. Could Ashton won him over or he would lose the three of them forever?

It's such a sweet and funny story. It's written from a dual pov and it's so easy to read. I fell in love with this book from the very beginning. The story is simple and drama-free for the most part. It's very different from the previous one and I liked that a lot. It has everything you need: laugh, swooning, and a few happy tears. My favorite parts were the romantic scenes and the interaction with the kids. The characters were adorable. Ashton acted like a gentleman, with good manners and he was always so thoughtful, definitely not a playboy. Sage was a mix between a sweetheart and a mama bear. Haiden and Haven were amazing with their cleverness and their pranks.

It's a five-star read for me. I can't wait to read Cain's story, he was my favorite since the first book.

My favorite lines:

1) “Is no one going to make sure I’m alive? I’m the one who was almost taken out Fast and Furious style.”

2) “Can we talk about that later, please?! Did you not hear what I just said! I think Satan is in my labia!”

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