Review: The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Review: The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Mar 16, 2021

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai is a chick-lit romance.

Daisy Patel was a very smart and kind of awkward girl. She was working as a software engineer at Organicare. She had accompanied her boss at a conference to showcase their new product. On her way there she stumbled upon her aunt, her former boss, her ex-boyfriend, and her preteen crush, Liam Murphy. She was a girl who functioned with plans and this situation messed with her emotions so she blurted out that she was engaged with Liam. She regretted it the moment she said it because she hated him, he enjoyed it because he still loved her.
Daisy let him know about her hate towards him and they parted ways. Liam was going to inherit the family distillery only if he managed to get married in two months, his only chance was Daisy. After a long negotiation, she agreed in order to save the Organic are and her friends. They were very different but the time they spent together was enjoyable, they pushed each other out of their comfort zones, plus there was intense chemistry no one of them could ignore. Everything was going as planned until the accident, Liam’s insecurities drove him away for one more time. Could two people who hated relationships have a future together?

It’s such a good fun story. It has a realistic feeling with the combination of personal problems and the cute romantic story. It’s a friends-enemies to lovers-themed romance. For the most part is hilarious with Daisy’s awkwardness, her aunts’ antics, and Liam’s humor. There are moments that it gets a bit emotional, especially when they talk about specific family members who ruined their self-esteem. My favorite parts were their banters and the jealousy scenes. I loved the characters, they are so easy to connect with and relatable. Daisy is the ordinary good girl and Liam the sexy bad boy. Their chemistry is exquisite. Her family was my favorite they were so entertaining.

In conclusion, this romantic and funny book will bring a smile to your face. I highly recommend you to read it and I will rate it with 4stars.

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