Review: Pigeon-Blood Red by Ed Duncan

Review: Pigeon-Blood Red by Ed Duncan

Apr 06, 2021

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Pigeon-Red Blood by Ed Duncan is a mystery/crime novel. It’s the first book of the Pigeon-Blood Red series.

The book is separated into three parts. In the first part, we have the description of the «bad» characters, how the Pigeon Blood Red necklace was stolen, and who took it. In the second part, we learn about the lives of the innocent bystanders who are going to be involved in the hunting. Also, half of that part is located in Honolulu where the action happens. In the third part which is located back in Chicago the
couple earns Rico’s respect and there is his dilemma between saving his girlfriend’s life or following his boss’s orders. The story is enthralling and a bit complicated because it goes back and forth between present and past. There is a steady flow of information which makes it easier to capture your interest. This story reminded me a lot of the old crime movies, it doesn’t contain much bloodshed it solely focuses on the mystery and the main character’s principles. I loved Rico from the very beginning. He was like a calm force.
He never raised his voice, he was good to the people who were close to him but he also was deadly. What attracted me to him was that he wasn’t bad of a choice but because of where his life took him. (Not sure if it makes sense to you but I had to say it) My favorite part was the ending.

I finished it in one night, I couldn’t stop until I knew Rico’s decision. I highly recommend you to give it a chance and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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