Review: Made for the Mafia Boss by Camer ...

Review: Made for the Mafia Boss by Cameron Hart

Mar 28, 2021

Made for the Mafia Boss by Cameron Hart is a sweet mafia romance. It’s the first book in the Moscatelli Crime Family series.

It has a simple storyline, easy to follow with one surprise and a beautiful happy ending. It’s entirely focused on the romance between Darlene and Matteo but there are a few references and scenes about the Mafia world. It gets sweet and steamy pretty quickly. It doesn’t contain any drama, excessive violence, or any other dark moments. I liked how two different worlds connected with such ease and naturalness. The characters were amazing and had such good chemistry from the beginning. Darlene was the character you could easily connect with. She was timid, reserved, cautious, hiding in plain sight but she had a fierce power inside her. Matteo was the bad guy with a heart of cold. I feel that what connected them was that people underestimated them and couldn’t understand them. My favorite part of the story was when she changed from the little mouse to the sexy and fiery woman.

It’s from the few books that the title makes total sense from the early beginning. I highly recommend it to readers who love steamy romance novels. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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