Review: Death by Sample Size by Susie Bl ...

Review: Death by Sample Size by Susie Black

May 06, 2021

Death by Sample Size is a humorous mystery written by Susie Black.

Holly Schlivnik was the Vice President of Sales at Ditzy Swimwear. She worked in the LA garment center. One day on her way there she found Bunny Frank dead in the elevator. Bunny was one of the most successful people in the industry and the most hateful. So when the question of who killed her poped up the list was long. When detective Martnez wrongfully arrested one of her best friends she made it her mission to discover the real killer. So like another Nancy Drew she started poking her nose in other people's business and that wasn't appreciated. Soon she was threatened many times but that only made her more determined to finish her quest. What happens when you run out of luck and you're faced with a stone-cold killer?

This is one of the most entertaining mysteries I have ever read with a unique and kinda funny cover. It has a strange sense of humor and a lot of suspense. It began with the the murder scene then went back to the past by explaining who were the characters, why they disliked the victim, and who had the biggest motive.

After that, the story continued from the murder scene and Holly's quest started. It's a well-written story with great descriptions and local slang phrases that were unknown to me but funny. It's easy to understand and follow despite the multiple twists it contains.

I liked the variety of characters and that they looked so realistic. Single moms, cheaters, a**holes, stuck-up people...You name them and they were in this book. Of course, Holly was my favorite, her sense of humor, her strange reaction to death, and her determination made her my new idol!!! My favorite parts were when she played the detective.

If you love a good mystery then this is for you. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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