Review: Call Me Elizabeth Lark by Meliss ...

Review: Call Me Elizabeth Lark by Melissa Colasanti

May 26, 2021

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Call Me Elizabeth Lark by Melissa Colasanti is a mystery/thriller.

It has one very intense and complicated story. The book is written from the three main female characters’ point of view. Myra, the mother who lost her eight-year-old daughter. Gwen, who is the eldest daughter, and felt responsible for her younger sister’s disappearance. And the third is Elizabeth Lark, who appeared with her son in the inn after killing her husband. The descriptions of the sceneries were so graphic you could easily transfer yourself there. The author here mentions some very serious issues, domestic abuse, and mental illness, and I feel that she trod carefully over the subjects. Since they are triggering for many people, the way you will talk about it matters a lot in a story. The characters were interesting, they had differences and some similarities. They appeared «broken» but on different levels based on their grief and their demons. Myra was the character that tore my heart with her need to find her missing kid.
I was impressed with Elizabeth though, she was a mix between a woman on the run and a «detective».
Small town mysteries are classic but this one has an interesting twist. It’s a family drama filled with lies,
death, and psychotic people. At some point, I had figured out the suspect but I could have never expected the revelation that came towards the end, it was mind-blowing.

This book is a serious page-turner. It was not easy to put that down so I finished it in a day. I highly recommend it to mystery lovers. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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