Review: A King of Beasts by Beena Khan

Review: A King of Beasts by Beena Khan

May 22, 2021

A King of Beasts by Beena Khan is a dark romance. It's the third book from the Beauty & The Beast series.

This is the story of Vlad's parents, Enzo Vitalli, the King of La Cosa Nostra, and Roza Ivanov, the Bratva princess.

It's one of the darkest and most obsessive romances I have ever read. Based on what I read about Enzo in the last two books, I think that this is the perfect story for him. Basically, we see how this monster was created and why he hated women. There were moments that he was a sexy anti-hero but for the most part, he was just a psycho. I would have liked him more if he hadn't crossed the line. Roza was a strange character as well. There were times where she was a true queen, a fighter but then she just gave up. She was definitely more likable than Enzo. Kaya was just bland for me. I mean yeah he loved her and treated her right but they hadn't the chemistry she had with Enzo.

I am a bit conflicted but I think I would have preferred it if she had ended up with Enzo. What I wasn't expecting was the twist with Miran, boy that was a huge surprise.

In conclusion, this is a triggering dark story that I recommend only to adult readers. I will rate it with 4.5 stars and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

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