"The Collectors" Release Time Changes

"The Collectors" Release Time Changes

Jul 31, 2022

Originally the plan for my debut novel, "The Collectors", was set for this October and then just this Fall. After running into some kinks in the story I need to work out and being sick for two weeks resulting in me getting no work done, I've decided to change the release date.

After some thinking, and looking through what I need to fix, even though I'm on the last few chapters I think it's for the best to push the release to next Fall. Aiming for next October. Depending on how progress goes, I might even release it next Summer instead. For now though, I'm pushing it to next Fall, hopefully October.

For now, the prologue will still be available to read if you want a feel for what the story is about. I will be adding two more character posters to the extras once those are done. In the meantime I'm also working on a poetry book that will more than likely be released long before "The Collectors".

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